A line of electric-assist cycles built around technology advancements

There seems to be a cookie-cutter effect when we look through so many e-bike models available today. The typical 50s style cruiser or the traditional step-thru frame with the stock aluminum box fixed behind the seat or mounted to the rear rack all make the top 10 list of common e-bikes.

Not the line of énergie cycles. These bikes start with a dynamic angular design box frame built from 6061 aircraft aluminum. We then created a power storage package that slides into place and delivers a clean set of lines while packing one of the industry's largest rechargeable pack that delivers more than 576 watt hours of power.

We integrated common sense features such as the USB power port to charge your cell phone along with a uniquely designed handlebar phone mount that allows for bluetooth GPS instructions, music and communication while riding.

​To protect such an investment it only makes sense to add an anti-theft alarm system that not only severs the connection between the motor controller and the drive system but also has a built-in motion sensor alarm that is controlled by a remote control key fob.

From large LCD displays to advanced LED lighting, we have integrated some amazing technology for our customers.

3975 W Post Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89118

3975 W Post Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89118

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