The Bikes

A Dramatic Design That Carries Through The Entire Line 

The line reflects a rugged, angular design in the frame, which is made of 6061 aluminum and evokes a strong and stable ride with the ability to handle the torque of the brushless electric motors that range from 250 to 500 watts. The finishes and the colors make our line standout and the attention to detail shows up close.


As our top of the line 26" touring mountain bike, the 2.6tm is built on the box frame with the overclocked 500watt Bafang rear wheel brushless motor. The 7-speed Shimano gear system delivers the rider's pedal power while the 36v 16Ah advanced lithium battery pack delivers current to the motor through an advanced twist throttle giving the rider tremendous range and hill climbing capacity. The Tektro hydraulic front and rear disc brakes provide excellent stopping power and the SRX adjustable front for gives even tall riders a comfortable position. Check It Out>>


Using the same rugged frame, the 26" street touring model relies more on the riders pedal power to control the speed and motor support. The 350watt rear mounted Bafang brushless motor, aided by the 7-speed Shimano gear system operate jointly with the thumb throttle, speed sensor and assist settings on the large LCD screen. The front and rear mechanical disc brakes are controlled by high quality Tektro handles. The high performance road tires smooth out the ride and the 36v 16Ah advanced lithium battery pack means you can travel further than almost any other e-bike. The 2.6t is available in multiple colors. Check It Out>>


Using the same design, we scaled down the overall bike to a 20" wheel and adjusted the power to accommodate a lighter rider. The front mounted 250watt Bafang brushless motor is still controlled by our 36v 16Ah battery pack but the rear wheel now has the Shimano 3-speed Nexus gear system. The bike includes both front disc brake and rear internal brake, high quality Tektro handles, large LCD display, adjustable motor assist settings and all of the electric output accessories such as the ability to charge your smart phone while riding. best of all the 2.0t is available in some amazing colors. Check It Out>>

2.0t Special Edition - The Breast Cancer Bike

Built on the same foundation as the 2.0t, this special edition Breast Cancer Bike sports a bright, high gloss Pink frame complete with its own ribbon icon. While the bike offers the same specifications, the real feature is the donation of up to $250 being given to Breast Cancer Research for each one of these special edition versions sold. The program theme under which these bikes will be promoted is "Exercise On Your Own Terms" which will also be available on our special dye-sublimated racing shirt. Check It Out>>

excursion 2.0

As a departure from our solid frame, we carried over the angular design and created a folding bike that truly meets the expectations of riders that need transport from the parking lot to the office or for the RV or boating enthusiasts who want a compact land transport that can fit in a storage bin. Our high grade aluminum frame folds down to an extremely small package and fits into its own case. The 250watt rear wheel brushless electric motor has an internal gearing system and is supplemented by a "Shaft Driven" pedal system so there is no messy chain to handle. The large LCD display lets the rider know how far they can travel on our built-in 36v 6.6Ah battery which the rider can supplement with our external 36v 10Ah battery pack for more than double the distance. Check It Out>>

3975 W Post Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89118

3975 W Post Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89118

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