The clean lines create a new and fresh style E-Bike!

Replacement Electric Bike Batteries

See how our batteries that are designed in the USA with more power (16Ah) and more features like charging your smart phone. Currently we can repair Emoto ,Easy Motion ,Stromer ,A2B ,Optibike ,Currie Ezip ,Lee Iacocca E-Bike ,Pedego,Haibike,Motiv, and any other major bike line that has an external case.


Build Your Own E-bike Contact our office in regards to information about this new program to customize your next E-bike.

Excursion 2.0 Reviewed

Check out a full review of our Excursion 2.0 model! Click here to see a Review video

Energie Cycles's Reviewed

The Energie Cycles 2.6td mid drive electric bike has been tested and review! Click here to see a Review video

8FUN Mid-Drive Motors

This company builds over 1,000,000 electric motors a year. Over half of them are exported out from China to Europe and the Americas . read more

Performance features for the riding enthusiast

Disk brakes that can be actuated by hydraulic power rather than cables start the list of features. read more

Read Feedback From Our Customers

We wanted electric bikes that were reliable, performed well (including on hills where we live), and provided great value. In addition, we wanted to buy from a company with professional and knowledgeable people willing to be helpful. We found the best solution from Energie Cycles in Las Vegas. Go To Customer Reviews